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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Magneto and Titanium Man/Paul McCartney & Wings

This week Classics Rock! is featuring songs based on comic books in honor of Comic-Con 2009, taking place in San Diego July 23-26.

Magneto And Titanium Man, from the 1975 album Venus and Mars by Paul McCartney & Wings, collects an assortment of Marvel Comics villains: Magneto, aka Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, the mutant supervillain in Marvel's X-Men series, who was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby; Titanium Man, created by Lee with Don Heck, who has repeatedly bedeviled Iron Man; and the Crimson Dynamo (Lee and Heck again), a known associate of Titanium Man and also a nemesis of Iron Man. Since there have been three different individuals known as Titanium Man, and at least twelve different Crimson Dynamos, it's hard to know exactly which incarnations of these villains McCartney is referring to in the song. The three bad guys try to convince the narrator that his friend or lover is planning a bank robbery, and he almost falls for it before coming to his senses: Then it occurred to me/You couldn't be bad/Magneto was mad/Titanium too/And the Crimson Dynamo/Just couldn't cut it no more/You were the law. This last line seems to imply that the individual under suspicion is a law enforcement officer. Magneto is the only villain with a speaking role in the song: Magneto said, "Now the time has come/To gather our forces and run!"

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